About STM

Mercy Ebuetse, Founder, and CEO

Starting Shalom Truths Magazine I must say is one of the best decisions of my life. It has been the most exciting roller coaster journey.

As with any journey, there have been a few hitches along the way, however, bearing in mind the He who has called me on this journey has sustained me to continue.

Shalom Truths Mag started as a blog on the 1st of March 2013. We expanded to a print magazine in 2014.  Why you may ask. As an avid reader, I got so pained each time I spent my money on a magazine that lacked content as I combed through several ads trying to look for anything I could get. That got me thinking, “Are there magazines for minds like mine and not just any magazine but one that is Christian based and excellently done?”. Yes, a few exist but our aim was excellence and content for the young Christian youth and adult. Through our print, designs, content we want our readers to literally touch excellence. We are excited each time a reader picks a copy and is excited by the print quality and content that cuts across every area.

I started this site and my writing career with no prior experience in Arts/Writing (*perhaps seeing my parents in the media had a bit of an influence), just a passion for making an impact and inspiring my generation. Through this process I have learned life lessons, I have met awesome individuals (the peak so far), I have grown, the list is endless.

I hope that we can feature stories of individuals that STM has impacted their lives in one way or the other. Please reach out to us with feedback or recommendations as we strive towards getting better to serve you.

Reach out to me on social media @mercyebuetse and be a part of our community @shalomtruthsmag.

With Love,

Mercy Ebuetse

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