Nowadays, treadmills are much more popular. They are considered as home exercise machines. In fact, you can get anything your cardio training demands on a treadmill such as a tempo, long distance, hills, and intervals. Also, with a treadmill, you can record running distance while keeping an eye on your kids. Of course, you won’t worry about rain, cold, heat, wind, darkness or damaged footpaths. However, it’s not simple to choose the best treadmill for running because they are expensive as well as complex. So, check out this post to know how to choose the best treadmill for running because they are expensive as well as complex. So, check out this post to know how to choose the best treadmill.


What price should you pay?

The fact is that you have to pay for most things. And, you get what you pay for. There are many choices for you when you choose a treadmill. If you buy a treadmill that costs $1000 it may serve you well, but you are better off with a $3000 treadmill which will serve you for a longer period. The quality of a treadmill is also showed by its price as stronger frames, wider and longer running area, stronger motor, and larger, more dynamic computer consoles. If you choose a treadmill of which is less than $1000, you will get a lightweight treadmill that is just suitable for walking. It would be limited in the function. Treadmills ranging from $1000 to $1500 are suitable for jogging and light running. These treadmills have an auto incline. You get good motors, suspension, and consoles when you buy an intermediate treadmill of $1500 or $3000. Finally, you will get treadmills with excellent features when you pay more than $3000 for one.

How long should a home treadmill last?

Normally, a treadmill has the average life for 10 years. Some have the average life for 12 years or more. The primary killers of a treadmill are dust as well as belt friction. That’s why you need to wipe the treadmill of any dust per week. Besides, you should also vacuum the area around and under the machine. Don’t forget to use a silicone lubricant in order to lubricate the running deck and the belt.

What about the warranty?

For each treadmill, the quality and price depend on the warranty. The most important part of a treadmill is the motor, so it must be covered by the warranty. And, the warranty of the motor is at least 10 years coverage. There will not be wear-and-tear on the warranty, only manufacturing faults.

What’s the best running belt size?

The stride and natural side-to-side movement of runners are decided by the size of a running belt. In fact, the taller person has the longer running stride. Also, it is important to determine the width of the running belt. You should choose a running belt size of at least 45cm wide by 130cm length. These sizes are considered to be the ideal size because you would be more comfortable as well as confident on the treadmill if you choose the longer and wider running belt.

When you choose a treadmill for running, there are many criteria you need to consider. We have just attempted to list the most important criteria in this article. Hope this information is useful to you when deciding what treadmill to get.




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